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/ bojim se, že ty hlasy stejně jednou uslyšíš
/ no kdybych řekl všechno, stejně mi neuvěříš

- mám svý démony co potřebujou anděla


"Že vraj som ochladol"

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Too damn scared to fly.
Too damn scared to try.

Power over me (audio)

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"I've got the power over me."

""still has me choking

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'''we cried an ocean
It still has me choking; it's hard to explain

So don't say "Fala amo"

Tove Lo - Talking Body

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Nahh, feelings.


//My logic when it comes to my feelings:

Bad at love.

31. března 2019 v 23:46 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫

I don't mean to frustrate,


I always make the same mistakes.


I'm bad at love.


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- It is only when I am lonely.

I have a happy personality with a heavy soul.
Sometimes, it gets weird.


William Singe - Please

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- "I get uncomfortable when things get comfortable."

Kygo, Valerie Broussard - Think About You ft. Valerie Broussard

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"Be mine."
"I am mine."

-against yourself.

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-ain't gon' stop 'til I go too far

7. března 2019 v 0:10 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*

"Once I start
I ain't gon' stop 'til I go too far."

11 Minutes.

3. března 2019 v 1:21 | Michelle

Call me stupid, call me sad.
You're the best I've ever had.
You're the worst I've ever had.

-And that keeps fuckin' with my head.



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🐺 -Fire.

28. února 2019 v 0:09 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*

Remember what you must do
when they undervalue you,
when they think
your softness is your weakness,
when they treat your kindness
like it is their advantage.

- You awaken

every dragon,
every wolf,
every monster

that sleeps inside you

and you remind them

what hell looks like

when it wears the skin
of a gentle human.

-Pinterest, Quotes

"-Too bad."

28. února 2019 v 0:03 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*

-But you weren't there.
-Right when I needed you the most.

- Too bad, let's talk.

Melancholická cholerička.

27. února 2019 v 23:41 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*

- "Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul."

- 21

I'm done with the drinking, I'm done with the smoking
I'm done with the playing, I'm done with the joking
I'm done with the ladies, I'm done with the fellas
Just sayin'
Farewell tequila, so long margarita
And lady sativa, I hate to leave ya
Don't want the pressure, I don't need a lecture
No, thank you, honey, God bless ya
I know I've said it all before

- But it won't hurt to do it all once more.

- Once I start I ain't gon' stop 'til I go too far.

boring stereotype scares the hell out of me

- me

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