Leden 2017


31. ledna 2017 v 21:28 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫

J. S.
S. J.

The chance.

29. ledna 2017 v 17:10 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*
At one time I just wanna sit down and cry like a baby
'cause I wanna live forever and I am scared of dying.

At the second time I wanna grab that knife and stab it right in my chest to see the fucking truth.

Or nah, mhh?

14. ledna 2017 v 23:44 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫

"Keep saying you're a freak,
you gon' prove it or nah?"


10. ledna 2017 v 0:00 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫
I will be missing you.
(Puff Daddy.)