Září 2017

'Said you want a bad bitch, baby now you have it.

28. září 2017 v 1:30 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫

'till we die, huh

#we can get high

24. září 2017 v 19:59 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*
We are all playing the same game. We all know we ain't gotta make it out alive of this.
How come you are all normal, all good running in the same circles all the time.

Bullshit for me.

"Mad hatter"

I'm peeling the skin off my face.
The normal's, they make me afraid.
The crazies, they make me feel sane.

Someone fix me, lol okay no.

23. září 2017 v 1:13 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*
Sooooo. So.

Like I hope I am not the only fucked up human being here tho.
Don't wish that for someone but like hope I am not the only one always thinking WHY SHOULD I.

Even if I am happy I end up thinking NAHH, WHAT IS THAT GOOD FOR, IS THIS ALL ?
Fuck this shit, I am alreaady hella tired of that.

Wanna live fast and never look back, that's what we are here for.

/I am bad at love.
That shit kills./


21. září 2017 v 0:18 | Michelle |  *Moje kecy*
When you're trying to get yourself a part time job, focus on beginning of your college but at the same time just wanna be lazy shit and don't give a fuck about anything. Nahh.


William Singe - Rush (just a little rush, baby)

17. září 2017 v 2:06 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫

Don't understand anything.

Everything is just a little rush,
trying to push myself away from thinking about shitty things.

But bad habits,
they die hard.

Jonas Blue - Mama ft. William Singe

16. září 2017 v 22:17 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫

Don't wanna wake up one day wishing that we done more.
I wanna live fast and never look back, that's what we here for.

Don't wanna wake up one day wondering where'd it all go,
'cause we'll be home before we know, I wanna hear you sing it:

-Hey mama, don't stress your mind, we coming home tonight,
hey mama, we gonna be alright, dry those eyes,
we'll be back in the morning when the sun starts to rise.-

Who am I to disagree, heh

12. září 2017 v 22:51 | Michelle |  ♫Music♫

"You gotta dance with the devil to get out of Hell."

-Some of them want to use you,
some of them want to get used by you.-

-Some of them want to abuse you,
some of them want to be abused.-